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About Researchusa.Org

Making Research Findings More Accessible

Researchusa.Org is a free online tool for graduate students and faculty members to showcase their research to recruiters, sponsors and stakeholders in industry and academia in the form of well integrated multi-media portfolios rather than simple text based resumes. The service allows Researchers to attach videos and upload documents to their online profiles effectively creating a one stop access point where employers and sponsors can not only read through a resume but also watch demonstration, discussion and simulation videos and can download reports, theses and white papers associated with a profile.



In select cases, Researchusa actively markets  research videos and portfolios to companies where it thinks a strong productization opportunity exists. Through the portal's Broadcast framework, researchers can also instruct Researchusa to forward their work to specific target groups. Graduate students for instance could instruct Researchusa to showcase a particular video to a professor in a particular school where he / she is considering a post doctoral position. A research group could instruct Researchusa to showcase a particular video to a company where a viable productization opportunity is visible. While Researchusa reserves the right to make a decision on the appropriateness of such a communication, it can also add other targets that could be interested in the research under consideration.


Members can get feedback on their visibility by choosing to be notified whenever their videos or documents or profiles are viewed. Reports are real time and contain information about countries and cities where viewers came from, search phrases that were used to arrive at the page and websites or search engines that directed viewers to the member page under consideration.



Built in close consultation with researchers from various US universities, the portal allows functions critical to the research community. Researchusa’s "Author Access Panel" allows co-authors to add themselves directly to a document or a video uploaded by one of the other authors of the work, Researchusa's "iConnect Panel" allows visitors to recursively find researchers related to a particular work while Researchusa's "Cross Ref Panel" allows visitors to recursively find research work related to one another. Using Researchusa's Web 2.0 toolbar, entries can now be cross linked to one another, sponsors can find research groups involved in pertinent research, people can express their approval for a given work and researchers can get valuable feedback from the community almost in real time.



Users can upload their videos directly into their Researchusa account, or they can link a video from their YouTube account. In the event that a user wants to show only a certain segment of a YouTube video, the user can instruct Researchusa about the time line of the segment under consideration. Videos capture the 'Author's Perspective' about his / her work which is often difficult to convey over printed publications. In a focus group study comprising of graduate students, it was found that for a journal publication that was supplemented by a whiteboard discussion video with the author explaining the central idea of the paper in simple words, there was a 50% increase in the access rate for the full length article whereas for a patent, such a video supplement was found to increase the access rate by 70%.


The service is free for students and faculty members. Users are requested to upload research information that has been already published in a journal paper or for which a patent has been already obtained. Communication of sensitive information, export controlled information and unpublished research should be strictly avoided.



Many of your fellow researchers are already on Researchusa.Org. Are you there yet?