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 Computational Support for the Collaborative D... 
 This thesis discusses the use of a cooperative, agent-based search in the cable harness routing problem (CHRP). They hypothesis behind this work is that a human designer can be greatly assisted in the intricate task of routing cables through a complex space if he is empowered to interact naturally with other autonomous agents as well as with the design itself. A collection of automated search and routing agents, which make use of domain knowledge and which are able to communicate with the human designer, is discussed. In addition, this thesis presents a novel interactive routing environment in which each agent is able to communicate design fragments with others via an adaptive, genetic-based blackboard.
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Added By - abconru
Subject - Mechanical Engineering
Document Type - PhD Thesis


 Modeling and Analysis of Globalizing Manufact... 
 The work undertaken in the dissertation is of pioneering nature integrating world databases to accrue knowledge about economies and enterprises around the globe. It is an endeavor to demonstrate the adequacy of applying data mining techniques in global databases concealing heaps of knowledge about enterprises engaged in manufacturing and exporting in the global context. A cohesive and coherent exploration of databases from repositories of World Bank, GEM, WEF and IFC’s Enterprise Survey elucidates the patterns of internationalization of enterprises through manufacturing exports in developed and developing economies. We have followed inductive reasoning methodology using symbiosis of statistical modeling and data mining coupled with extensive data visualizations.The exploratory research has asserted the fitness of manufacturing exports as the core engine for economic health of a country. Both Kruskal-Wallis and Chi-square tests affirm that manufacturing export share level is not independent of economy type and, developed economy block shares 77% of world manufacturing exports matching to their share in world GDP. Manufacturing exports per capita for world five economies ranks them exactly analogous to their inco...
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Added By - rajaqu2004
Subject - Business and Management
Document Type - PhD Thesis


 Modeling and Simulation of Mixing Layer Flows... 
 Film cooling has been selected for the thermal protection of the composite nozzle extension of the J-2X engine which is currently being developed for the second stage of NASA’s next generation launch vehicle, the Ares I rocket. However,several challenges remain in order to achieve effective film cooling of the nozzle extension and to ensure its safe operation. The extreme complexity of the flow (three-dimensionalwakes, lateral flows, vorticity, and flow separation) makes predicting film cooling performance difficult. There is also a dearth of useful supersonic film cooling data available for engineers to use in engine design and a lack of maturity of CFD tools to quantitatively match supersonic film cooling data. This dissertation advances the state of the art in film cooling by presenting semi-empirical analytical models which improve the basic physical understanding and prediction of the effects of pressure gradients, compressibility and density gradients on film cooling effectiveness. These models are shown to correlate most experimental data well and to resolve several conflicts in the open literature. The core-to-coolant stream velocity ratio, R, and the Kays acceleration parameter, KP, are identified as the critical paramete...
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Added By - kdellimo
Subject - Aeronautics and Astronautics
Document Type - PhD Thesis


 Quasi-one-dimensional models for glassy dynam... 
We describe analytical calculations and simulations of the quasi-one-dimensional (Q1-D) model for glassy dynamics. In the Q1-D models, hard rods undergo single-file diffusion through a series of narrow channels connected by J intersections. The topology of the model is specified by J, the maximum number of rods in each middle channel K, and the number of rods N. We assume that the rods cannot turn at the intersections, and thus there is a single, continuous route through the system. This model displays hallmarks of glassy dynamics including caging behavior and subdiffusion, rapid growth in the structural relaxation time, and collective particle rearrangements.The analytical calculations are supported quantitatively by Monte Carlo simulations.
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Added By - A Ghosh
Subject - Physics
Document Type - PhD Thesis


 The Role of Density Gradient in Liquid Rocket... 
 Experimental and analytical studies were conducted to investigate key physical mechanisms responsible for flame-acoustic coupling during the onset of acoustically driven combustion instabilities in liquid rocket engines (LREs). Controlled experiments were conducted in which a turbulent hydrogen-oxygen (GH2-GO2) diffusion flame, established downstream of a two-dimensional model shear coaxial injector was acoustically forced by a compression driver unit mounted in a transverse direction and excited through a broad range of frequencies (200Hz-2000Hz) and amplitudes. Characteristic interactions between flame and acoustics visualized through OH* and CH* chemiluminescence imaging and dynamic pressure measurements obtained using high frequency dynamic pressure transducers indicated that small acoustic disturbances could be amplified by flame-acoustic coupling under certain conditions leading to substantial modulation in spatial heat release fluctuations. Density gradient between fuel and oxidizer was found to significantly affect the way acoustic waves interacted with density stratified flame fronts. The particular case of an asymmetric flame front oscillation under transverse acoustic forcing indicated that baroclinic vorticity, generat...
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Added By - A Ghosh
Subject - Aeronautics and Astronautics
Document Type - PhD Thesis

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