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  Dr Amardip Ghosh
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Research Associate

Profile   amardip.ghosh@gmail.com
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Favorites   www.aero.umd.edu
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  Department of Aerospace Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park
MD 20742


    Research and Professional Interests   
    Investigating fundamental physical mechanisms playing active role in promoting combustion instabilities in Liquid Rocket Engines. Areas of expertise include combustion instability, flame acoustic interactions, propulsion systems and cycles, internal and external aerodynamics.

Experienced with Schlieren, Mie Scattering, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) diagnostics for both reacting and non-reacting environments, CH* / OH* Chemiluminescence, High Speed and ICCD imaging, Hot wire anemometry, PMT devices, Static and Dynamic pressure measurements and LabView based instrumentation.
    BS. Aerospace Engg IIT Kharagpur, India (2001)
MS. Aerospace Engg UMD, USA (2006)
PhD Aerospace Engg UMD, USA (2008)
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    Academic and Professional Experiences    
    AIAA - Student Member, Combustion Institute - Student Member
    Awards and Honors    
    2008 - AIAA Best Paper Award (Propellants and Combustion), http://www.aero.umd.edu/news/news_story.php?id=3321
    ENAE 455 Airbreathing Propulsion Systems (Special Topics Lecture), ENAE 661 Advanced Propulsion (Special Topics Lecture)
    Documents and Videos
    Member Documents
    Supersonic Nozzle design by Method of Characteristics
Rayleigh criteria and Combustion Instability
Combustion Instability in Liquid Rocket Engines
Plasma Physics
The Role of Density Gradient in Liquid Rocket Engine Combustion Instability
Quasi-one-dimensional models for glassy dynamics
Business Plan for Online Money Transfer
    Member Videos
    Tutorial on CFD Geom (Better Resolution)
Most Influential Masters Thesis
Test of Rolls Royce Engine for Airbus 380
Awrd Ceremony - Vid Terp 2008
Hovercraft Design - Maryland Part 3 of 3
Level Set Methods
Aerodynamic Heating and Deceleration During Entry into Planetary Atmospheres
Gandhi - His Triumph changed the World Forever
Award Ceremony - Vid terp 2008
Making of Airbus 380
Aeroelastic Tests of an Eight Percent Scale Saturn C-1 Block II
Apollo-Lunar Orbital Rendezvous Technique
Hovercraft Design - Maryland Part 2 of 3
Saturn: A Giant Thrust into Space 1962
The Lunar Orbiter: A Spacecraft to Advance Lunar Exploration
United States Space Explorations 1958
11th International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition
The University of Maryland
Hotwire Anemometry
Hovercraft Design - Maryland Part 1 of 3
Crosswind Landing of Airbus 380
CritterCam - Penguins on the Roll
CritterCam - Caming the Whale
Chemistry 3B - Lecture 03: Electronic Spectroscopy
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics
MIT Thermodynamics & Kinetics
Improving the safety of air transportation
MIT builds trillion-frame-per-second video
Complex Numbers
Rijke Tube
Why Some Women Share Lots of Photos on Facebook
Underwater Explosion Phenomena
Ramanujan's Notebook
Turbulent Boundary Layer (APS Gallery Submission)
Damped Oscillations
Combustion Instability
Jumping droplets help heat transfer
Audible Frequency Range
Periodic and non-periodic motion
3D Printing from MIT
RLC Circuit Oscillations
Flash Point, Flame Point and Auto Ignition
Demonstrations in Acoustics
Overdamped and Critically Damped Oscillations
Pendulum oscillation
Euler's Disc
Spring mass oscillation
Infinite loop in a software program
Fish Inspired Wind Turbines
Physical Pendulum Oscillation
Simple Harmonic Motion
Hydraulic Model of Cardio Vascular System
Elon Musk Gives a Tour of SpaceX
Superhydrophobic Surface Technology
Ayah Bdeir and LittleBits - Democratizing hardware
Flow Diagnostics
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Rocket Testing
Renal Biopsy
Rocket Testing

Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics
Aircraft Propulsion
Test Collection