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 The Role of Density Gradient in Liquid Rocket...  
 Experimental and analytical studies were conducted to investigate key physical mechanisms responsible for flame-acoustic coupling during the onset of acoustically driven combustion instabilities in liquid rocket engines (LREs). Controlled experiments were conducted in which a turbulent hydrogen-oxygen (GH2-GO2) diffusion flame, established downstream of a two-dimensional model shear coaxial injector was acoustically forced by a compression driver unit mounted in a transverse direction and excited through a broad range of frequencies (200Hz-2000Hz) and amplitudes. Characteristic interactions between flame and acoustics visualized through OH* and CH* chemiluminescence imaging and dynamic pressure measurements obtained using high frequency dynamic pressure transducers indicated that small acoustic disturbances could be amplified by flame-acoustic coupling under certain conditions leading to substantial modulation in spatial heat release fluctuations. Density gradient between fuel and oxidizer was found to significantly affect the way acoustic waves interacted with density stratified flame fronts. The particular case of an asymmetric flame front oscillation under transverse acoustic forcing indicated that baroclinic vorticity, generat...
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Added By - A Ghosh
Subject - Aeronautics and Astronautics
Document Type - PhD Thesis


 NOTAR Helicopter  
 The NOTAR (no tail rotor) patent is an anti-torque system replacement for helicopter tail rotors with a standard configuration. Production models that are currently available with the NOTAR system are the MD Explorer, MD 600N, and the MD 520/530N. This unconventional system implements circulation control around the tail boom (Coanda effect) that allows the tail boom to act as a wing that produces lateral lift allowing the helicopter to hover. Circulation control is being used extensively for improving the aerodynamic characteristics of rotorcraft airfoils. Some benefits of circulation control have increased the lift to drag ratio and lowered the drag coefficient. The absence of a tail rotor is very beneficial for many reasons. While on the ground, there is no invisible tail rotor disk that ground personnel or (de)boarding passengers can walk into. While in hover, trees are of no concern for the rotor-less tail boom. The NOTAR system is not as susceptible as a tail rotor to foreign object interference, such as rocks or other thrown projectiles. NOTAR helicopters have decreased decibel (db) output, and have reasonable maintenance requirements. This paper will give a brief overview of the circulation control technology used on the NO...
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Added By - hareen
Subject - Aeronautics and Astronautics
Document Type - Assignment


 Quasi-one-dimensional models for glassy dynam...  
We describe analytical calculations and simulations of the quasi-one-dimensional (Q1-D) model for glassy dynamics. In the Q1-D models, hard rods undergo single-file diffusion through a series of narrow channels connected by J intersections. The topology of the model is specified by J, the maximum number of rods in each middle channel K, and the number of rods N. We assume that the rods cannot turn at the intersections, and thus there is a single, continuous route through the system. This model displays hallmarks of glassy dynamics including caging behavior and subdiffusion, rapid growth in the structural relaxation time, and collective particle rearrangements.The analytical calculations are supported quantitatively by Monte Carlo simulations.
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Added By - A Ghosh
Subject - Physics
Document Type - PhD Thesis


 Supersonic Nozzle design by Method of Charact...  
 Using the 2D Method of Characteristics (MOC), the contour of a two dimensional minimum-length nozzle for the expansion of air to a design exit Mach number of 2 is computed and graphed. The problem is extended to include a nozzle with a finite expansion section which is a circular arc with a diameter equal to three throat heights. C++ source codes for the 2 nozzles are included. By inputting the values of gas constant, test section mach number, throat height and level of precision one can design nozzles for different working fluids at different test section mach numbers.

The report was generated as a part of a graduate course on compressible aerodynamics taught that semester by Dr John D Anderson. His book entitled 'Modern Compressible Flow - with Historical perspectives' contain a good chapter on the use of the MOC in designing supersonic nozzle contours (Chapter 11 of the third edition).

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Added By - A Ghosh
Subject - Aeronautics and Astronautics
Document Type - White Paper


 Temperature measurements during Reentry  
 This experiment is aimed at simulating the re-entry conditions encountered during the actual flight in a plasma arc jet facility and investigating the temperature distribution along with the thermal expansion on the surface of a re-entry vehicle in order to study the thermal breakdown mechanisms of the carbon-carbon composite of the leading edge of the vehicle.This test facility is designed to test a suitably sized block of the Thermal Protection System (TPS) made up of carbon – carbon composite that is currently used in these vehicles and also any newly developed materials of appropriate size for evaluation as a possible replacement. The final outcome of this project is intended to be a quantitative relation that indicates the robustness of a material and thereby its ability to qualify as a material of choice for reusable re-entry vehicles.
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Added By - sidpatel
Subject - Aeronautics and Astronautics
Document Type - White Paper


 This is an essay written in response to a question asking whether Eugene Delacroix and his famous painting La Liberté Guidant le Peuple (Liberty Leading the People, 1830) are examples of the modernist movement or not. The essay supports the former notion using arguments largely drawn from the artwork itself. Delacroix is considered by some to be among the founders of the modernist movement; as Baudelaire commented about him, “The last of the great artists of the Renaissance and the first modern”. Delacroix’s art was often significantly marked with political messages, as is the case with Liberty leading the People, and we will see how this entire concept is modernist in nature.
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Added By - daanish
Subject - Arts
Document Type - Assignment


 MATLAB Tutorial for processing Signals and Sy...  
 This tutorial is available as a supplement to the textbook Fundamentals of Signals and Systems Using Matlab by Edward Kamen and Bonnie Heck, published by Prentice Hall. The tutorial covers basic MATLAB commands that are used in introductory signals and systems analysis. It is meant to serve as a quick way to learn MATLAB and a quick reference to the commands that are used in this textbook. For more detailed information, the reader should consult the official MATLAB documentation. An easy way to learn MATLAB is to sit down at a computer and follow along with the examples given in this tutorial and the examples given in the textbook. The tutorial is designed for students using either the professional version of MATLAB (ver. 5.0) with the Control Systems Toolbox (ver. 4.0) and the Signal Processing Toolbox (ver. 4.0), or using the Student Edition of MATLAB (ver. 5.0). The commands covered in the tutorial and their descriptions are also valid for MATLAB version 4.0.
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Added By - autocrawler
Subject - Softwares and Programming Languages
Document Type - Tutorial


 Metro Station Complex- A Public Realm  
 Light Rail Transit System for India-Bangalore.
The beneficial aspects of the metro rail development are listed below

1. Reduced traffic density on roads
2. Reduced Travel time and safety
3. Reduced in overall fuel consumption in the city
4. Reduction in urban air pollution
5. Reduction in noise levels
6. Reduction in road accidents
7. Improvement in city road conditions
8. Employment opportunities and improvement in rural economy
9. Benefits in the form of transfer of technology
10. Enhanced rural economy
11. Saving in productive man-hours due to rapid mode of transport
12. Reduction in green house gases emission
13. Reduced need for expansion of roads, laying new roads, flyovers etc
14. Better environmental landscape, aesthetics
15. Boost to industry, trade, commerce, communication and culture
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Added By - Arpita Ghosh
Subject - Architecture
Document Type - UG Research


  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathem...  
 This paper will focus on STEM education at the undergraduate level, pipeline issues related to retention in such programs and subsequent post-baccalaureate retention issues in graduate school and employment, and finally take a look at the challenges of balancing the technical content of a STEM degree with general education requirements and the espousal of civic duties. The central piece of legislation around which the examination of STEM trends will take place is the 2002 Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Improvement ACT, also referred to as the Undergraduate STEM Improvement Act, or for the purposes of brevity USTEMIA. The goal of this paper is to review this specific piece of legislation and draw a relationship between it and other literature on STEM education in order to isolate and analyze language in the policy that promotes the economization of education while potentially overlooking the need to also preserve and promote the civic components of STEM education. This analysis will not purport that any intentional inattention to civic values has been perpetrated, rather it will explore the potential tensions which could arise should the preservation of democratic and civic components of STEM fo...
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Added By - eaparaka
Subject - Education
Document Type - Assignment


 A Comparative Study of Different Face Recogni...  
 Automatic face recognition is a classic problem in the area of computer vision research. This problem is still a very active area of research in vision community. The primary reason for this problem to get so much attention is the fact that face recognition finds application in many commercial applications and can work as a biometric in many law enforcement applications [1]. The problem of Automatic face recognition can be formally defined as follows: Given a set of representative training images for each person in the database, determine the identity of a new face images from the stored data. There have been several techniques proposed in literature to extract different type of features related to shape, color, etc. of the face. Some of the techniques simply use the image pixel values as the features and reduce the dimension of these features by applying some constraints such that classifcation property of training image is preserved.In this report, we discuss some of these methods which are widely used in literature and promise to exhibits good recognition accuracy. We will use Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Sparse representation and Random projection for the task of face recognition and ...
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Added By - ravigarg
Subject - Computer Science
Document Type - Term Paper

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